Friday, August 20, 2010

The F-Word

Mack here to talk about the f-word. Not THAT f-word! I mean flirting, sheesh! By now you are (hopefully) past the passing of notes that say "check yes or no if you like me" stage. If not, I really can't help you.  Becks seems to think I'm some kind of pro at flirting (WRONG), but I'm an avid people watcher and I have been flirted with a bit, and I may or may not have done some flirting myself (okay, yes, I have), so here is what I have learned:

Before I start, please let me say, don't flirt at all if you don't meant it! Many hearts have been led on and broken by people who flirted just because they could and liked the power of it. Don't be one of those! Besides, word gets around fast, and you will soon find yourself very lonely.
Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program. La Flirt...

Be subtle and obvious at the same time. Right now you're thinking, what? What I mean is, you can make it known that you like someone without stalking, screaming out their name, or jumping in front of their car. How?  Little things go a long way.

1. Say you're in a group (maybe a party) and you're intended is there as well. Make a point to talk to him/her and really listen. Don't look off like you're thinking about something else. People love having your full attention. They feel special, and that's what you want, right?

2. Everyone's favorite subject is themselves. Ask your intended a question about him/herself and the conversation should be off and running. This is a good test of your intended's self-centeredness, because if the topic NEVER returns to you, it's a sure bet you will get bored with el-jerko pretty quick.   

3. Physical movements that show a touch of nervousness are actually signals to the other person that you like them. You may not even be aware of your fingers rubbing a necklace, your knee bobbing up and down, or that you are biting your lip. You are sending out subtle signals, so don't berate yourself for getting a few butterflies and letting them show. (These are good signals to watch for in others to see if they return your like.) 

4. Always make a point to say hi when you pass each other. Just that small recognition on a regular basis keeps your interest clear.

5. If you find out about a common interest, play it up. Everyone is looking for a way to connect. If you like the same sports, music, books, whatever, you might use this as a way to spend time together which could build into a relationship.

Flirting is part of testing the waters. It's what gets you closer to a person you are attracted to and then you can do some convoing to see if they live up to the hype that you've built in your mind. This is my #1 rule: ALWAYS BE YOURSELF. If you laugh when someone isn't funny, or pretend to know about something you don't, whatever flimsy beginning you  have will soon fall apart. Flirt a little, check them out, because looks ain't everything, baby.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Great Debate-To Twilight or Not?

When it comes to Twilight, Mack and Becks don't argue Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. It's Team Twilight (Mack) vs. Twilight hater (Becks), and this debate will rage until either the end of time, or they find something better to argue about, whichever comes first.

Here are the stats:


Read all 4 books in 1 week, reread them all several times.
Lost count of Twilight viewings (has a home copy)
Lost count  of New Moon viewings (has a home copy)
Saw Eclipse once, but dying to see it again and get a home copy
Team Edward or Team Jacob? Duh! Team Edward, of course.   


Read the books once while I had a sinus infection from hell coupled with kidney stones.  It was all my friend had on hand that I hadn't read.  It was painful to read then and it is still painful now!

I watched the first Twilight move and laughed hysterically.  I got shushed and glared at.

New Moon Movie came out and I went with a party of girls.  Jacob strips off his shirt Chip-n-Dales style and I burst out "THAT'S IT???"  More shushing and glares.

Downloaded pirated copy of Eclipse and kept on thinking... wow, what's with the crazy eye brows?  The make up artist went hog wild with a charcoal pencil.

I am Team Neither.  They both whine over Bella too much.  I am Team Get a Life Boys!

Mack's opinion:

I loved all the Twilight books because they were fast reads and the story completely sucked me in. (no pun intended) Say what you will about SM's writing style, I think she came up with an interesting story. She strung out the "Will Bella become a vampire?" question for nearly 2000 pages and I still wanted to know up until the end. And, yes, I got kinda swoony over Edward. Was he the perfect boyfriend? No, but he was the perfect fictional boyfriend. It's not like I'm going to meet a super strong/fast, forever-17 vampire who loves the way I smell in real life, but it's okay to have a little fantasy in your life. Was Bella the smartest girl in the world? No, but if she, where would the story go? I loved Edward's sweet way of talking and his care for Bella. Don't we all wish a guy would treat us like that? (Okay, minus the slightly stalkerish behavior). But, still, IT'S A BOOK! Why not have fun? As for the movies, I usually don't like movies made from books, but the casting of RPatz was genius! Some people criticize his acting skills, but I will be brutally honest when I say WHO CARES! Looking at him was enough for me. And, he redeemed himself in Remember Me, which wasn't even a good movie, but he was good in it. I give a thumbs up for the books and the movies.

Becks Opinion:

Hmmm.... I don't like vampire books at all.  Makes me queasy.  I was able to actually read the books due to the fact that the Vamp parts were toned down.  I had to keep on reminding myself that these were geared towards teen girls and so the writing was going to be simpler.  I tried to look past the writing style and the excessive extra stuff like showering, eating, swallowing (I thought I was going to go nuts on a few mundane parts) and my least favorite... the long (and I mean LOOONG) build up to fight scenes.  Do we really have to review every second of every day JUST to get to the juicy fight scene that lasted only ONE chapter???  Drives me crazy.  The movies were not much better.  I went with my best friend and for some odd reason we kept on laughing over the tender moments.  The kissing scene, I admit, was steamy.  For all those who need an alternative to Twilight craziness I suggest Hunger Games (love it when the girl can kick butt) and I am a firm Team Peeta!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Got a Zit?

Ever watch the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"?  Apparently the father of the bride solved all of life's problem with Windex... even the groom's pre-wedding jitters (which happened to be a very big zit).

DON'T USE WINDEX ON YOUR FACE!!  Okay, now that we got that out of the way...

I so wish there was a cure-all for zits.  The truth of the matter is that you have hormones, therefore, you have zits.  It sucks, but that is just life.  Here are some tips to keeping your face in the clear.

Oil is a big problem in clogging your pores.  If you can keep those pores clean, the less zits you will get.  Here are some small things to do that make a big difference:

Never sleep on the same pillowcase twice.

Do you know how much skin and oil you shed in one night???  It is really gross if you consider how much gunk is accumulating on your pillow night after night.  Buy 5 or 6 extra pillow cases, switch them out nightly and then wash all of them at the end of the week.  Your face will thank you for it.

Rotate your facial cleansers.

Ever feel so fresh after switching to a new brand?  It is actually good to rotate cleansers weekly, giving your face that shine and glow all of the time.  High end cleansers that are fabulous are Velocity by Mary Kay ($18) and Perfectly Clean by Estee Lauder ($19).  However, I have gotten great results from St. Ives peach scrub mixed with Biore and Neutrogena.


I can't express how important keeping hydrated is.  You need at least 64 ounces a day (so get chugging!).  I am not talking pop, milk, or energy drinks either.  You need all 64 oz. of crystal clear water (H2O BABY!).  Consider it like a face wash from the inside out.  Granted you'll be making a lot of trips to the bathroom, but it is worth having perfect zit free skin.  Results are best with consistency.  Vibrant skin will start peeking through around a week and will be clearing up around 2 weeks.

Don't Pick It!

I know it is tempting, but keep those fingers away from your face!  Consider this: it takes 8 days for a zit to heal on its own and 14 days for it to heal if you keep on picking at it.  When you attack your zits with a vengeance all you are doing is agitating your skin, damaging it, and adding dirt from your fingers and nails to it.  Hands OFF!!

So good luck!  School is starting and you need to look your best.  Have a question or a comment?  Drop us a line and we'll answer everything we can get to!




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